3 Reasons Why Kids Quit Recreational Gymnastics Classes- and How to Prevent It!

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Tania’s Gym Wizards, now in its 14th successful year,has brought the art of gymnastics to over 25,000 children in the greater Cape Town area in South Africa.

Founder Tania Williams, herself a National Champion and South African Coach for the Women’s Artistic Team, was the creator of the original Talent Identification Blueprint currently being used by the South African Gymnastics Federation.

She has over 37 years experience in competing, coaching, training instructors and running her Gym Wizards Recreational Gymnastics School.

She has produced 10 National Team members and 100′s of Provincial gymnasts.

She pioneered the training of gymnasts from historically disadvantaged communities, providing South Africa with its first ever multiracial Springbok Gymnastics team.

Tania has a comprehensive online training on how you can do brilliant recreational gymnastics coaching- and build a highly successful recreational tumbling gymnastics school/club, including thorough study of best business practice and the very latest scientifically researched teaching methods.

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